Thursday, May 8, 2014

Muffins with Mom

     Tomorrow morning is Muffins with Mom in my classroom. This little event is one of my favorites besides the annual Christmas breakfast I do with my families each year. Each year I have moms who tell me how much they love Muffins with Mom, because it is something special they can do with their child.
This year, I have many families who may not have a traditional Mother's Day celebration at home and I know that this will be extra special for them.

      Each year I go to Michael's Craft Store and get each of my students a project to make for their mothers. Last year we painted little jewelry boxes and made bracelets to put inside. This year, we made votive candle holders with lots of tissue and glitter! You have to have glitter!
I love seeing the children's faces when their mom opens their gift. It is a special time in Kindergarten!

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