Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Fondue Fun

This past Saturday, my mom and I went to the Melting Pot for dinner just for fun. No special occasion, we just wanted fondue! I love love love this place, it's so good! And I found out that they have "happy hour" Monday-Thursday from 5-6pm :) You get a choice of cheese fondue, salad and your choice of chocolate fondue all for just $20/person. Great deal that I will have to go back for soon-

The last time I ate at the Melting Pot was in Hoboken during Christmas, so I was excited to be back! We started off with the Fiesta Cheese Fondue- served with apples, breads and an assortment of veggies. YUM

For our entree we had an assortment of meats and shrimp, along with veggies and my favorite stuffed mushrooms! (of course you have to be creative and makes these yourself)


The Flaming Turtle for dessert- a mix of chocolate, caramel and nuts. 

This is the best part of the night... Happy Dipping!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Nashville Summer

Last week I got back from Nashville, TN visiting my Dad, Melissa, Michael and Cathryn. It's always nice when summer arrives because I know that's my time to head to Music City to see my family. My dad lives in a town called Smyrna, it is right outside of Nashville- a very quiet town with not much to do! Each day that I was there I ventured off by myself to find where people shop around that town! You have to drive a bit to get anywhere, I spent a lot of time in Murfreesboro since they have some shops I like and it doesn't take too long to get there.
My friend Amy came down from Louisville to stay with me for a night, and we went to dinner and then  woke up early the next morning for a shopping day at Opry Mills, which is right next to the Grand Ole Opry. I would love to see a show there one day! I found some great things in Nashville and people are so kind there. Unlike Orlando where most people are rude and inconsiderate. Nashville is like a whole other world of people!

My time there with family is always short, we spent time going to the pool (it was over 100 degrees the whole time I was there), out to lunch, and just spending time together at home. My brother and sister are obsessed with video games, so I wasn't able to entertain them with things I think are fun :) I guess I have to save those things for my nannying days. My sister grows so much every year that I see her, this summer I really noticed how old she was getting, she is six now and not so little anymore! My brother Michael is just TALL and it's scary- he's about 6'2 and is only 12 years old. But I see so much of myself in Michael, our personalities are a lot alike, especially when I was his age.

I would love for them to come to Orlando so I could show them around this fun city!
Taking them to all the theme parks would be so fun for us! Love those kiddos-

Monday, July 16, 2012

Port Orleans- Riverside

 A few weekends ago, my mom and I ventured off to Disney's Port Orleans Resort for a weekend stay-cation. I love staying at nice resort hotels for a few nights and taking advantage of the dining, shopping and of course the pool! Port Orleans is such a quaint and pretty resort, little cottages and manors sit along the riverside to represent the state of Louisiana and more specifically, New Orleans.

Our room was in Magnolia Terrace, with a beautiful garden view. Each cottage is different in style and this one was very traditional, with pillars and pretty decor inside the rooms.


The Riverside of Port Orleans. You cross the bridge to get to the shops, restaurants and pool. You can take a boat to Downtown Disney, Saratoga's Tree House's (I will stay here one day!) and Port Orleans sister resort, The French Quarter- which is down the river.

Here on the bayou, you can rent boats and have a nice Louisiana inspired dinner at BoatWright's Dining Hall. My mom and I had dinner here of course, Jambalaya- veggie style! They also have some very yummy cornbread and french onion soup!


And the most important part of our days was the pool! We stayed here most of the day and enjoyed swimming and tanning. This pool is one of my favorites :) I can't wait until our next stay-cation. Have you ever had a stay-cation? What is your favorite place to stay? Comment below and let me know your ideas!