Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Salt Tasting

This afternoon I enjoyed learning about all the salts that the Salt Boutique has to offer! Each day they have a tasting where you can try out the different salts from all around the world. The chef here at Salt restaurant makes these salts with infused flavors that you would never think to add to a salt!

This one below is a smoky salt, it was my least favorite. But it seems to be a favorite around here from everyone we meet!

While tasting the salts, you put them on bread with a little butter. This is how you get the full effect of the flavor. 

Some interesting ones were Bamboo Leaf and Cherry Plum salts!

The shop also has some wonderful salt cellars that are ocean inspired, along with Himalayan salt blocks that you cook on and lamps that clear the air of toxins.
Himalayan salt has huge health benefits. 

I am definitely going back tomorrow to choose my favorite salt to take home, I still cannot decide! 

Monday, June 2, 2014

Pool Day at the Ritz!

Today was a pool day! The pool here is lined with tons of Palm trees and is so pretty. I am also glad that the sun came out today!

I took a walk out to the beach and crossed over the dunes and saw this little fellow...

At the pool, there is an oceanfront grill. They serve you right at your pool lounge chair- that's my kind of service! 
For lunch I had a Taco Salad.

This afternoon I also got to check into the Ritz Spa. I am grateful to Suzanne for this lovely addition to my stay! Thank you :)
Today I soaked in the steamed whirlpool and relaxed with cucumbers on my eyes!

Tomorrow I am going to spend more time at the spa and use their beautiful pool area.  I'll be blogging more about the Spa tomorrow!

Sunday, June 1, 2014


This afternoon my grandma and I arrived in Amelia Island. The drive was not so fun as it poured almost the whole way here!

This island is beautiful once you get to it, it is off the Florida east coast right before you hit the Georgia line. The actual island is such a quaint little place, lined with trees and beautiful homes. Sitting right on the ocean is The Ritz Carlton, where we will spend the rest of the week.

The hotel is sophisticated southern charm, that's the best way to explain it! Wooden oak, dark furniture, china cabinets and beautiful gift shops fill the lobby. 

Tonight we had reservations for their fine dining restaurant, Salt.
It was absolutely perfect! It's a true experience, as they give you nicely presented courses and little "gifts from the chef".

You begin with different types of breads that you are supposed to experiment with different Salts. Each salt is from a different region and they taste wonderful! Also very healthy for you!

The black one there in the middle is from Hawaii and is a charcoal salt that aids digestion. It was my favorite! 

Next they brought out a "gift" of Salmon Tartar. Yes, I ate it. Quickly but surely :

For my appetizer, I chose heirloom tomatoes with buffalo mozzarella.

My entree was seabass with pepper jelly and vegetable succotash with pesto.

We were recommended to try the banana foster soufflé. Yum! It had white chocolate gelato on the side.

They give you a lot of "gifts" here, they packaged up some of the salts we tried along with macaroons and painted truffles.

This was truly a beautiful, wonderful restaurant!