Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Salt Tasting

This afternoon I enjoyed learning about all the salts that the Salt Boutique has to offer! Each day they have a tasting where you can try out the different salts from all around the world. The chef here at Salt restaurant makes these salts with infused flavors that you would never think to add to a salt!

This one below is a smoky salt, it was my least favorite. But it seems to be a favorite around here from everyone we meet!

While tasting the salts, you put them on bread with a little butter. This is how you get the full effect of the flavor. 

Some interesting ones were Bamboo Leaf and Cherry Plum salts!

The shop also has some wonderful salt cellars that are ocean inspired, along with Himalayan salt blocks that you cook on and lamps that clear the air of toxins.
Himalayan salt has huge health benefits. 

I am definitely going back tomorrow to choose my favorite salt to take home, I still cannot decide! 

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