Monday, January 19, 2015

My Best Yes

I am not a New Year' resolution person, but if I do make a "resolution" it's usually a goal or something very reasonable to accomplish. 
This year, I decided that I need to read more books. I have books, love to go to book stores and browse and browse, but I never really read much. Unless you count life and style, US Weekly or People Magazine, I have not been very good about reading. 

While browsing Facebook one morning, I came across a blog that I love to follow, and saw some recommendations for books. It was all in perfect timing! Courtney is one of the moms in my class, and author of In this House We Will Giggle. I just love her giving and gracious heart! 
I looked over her book list and drove to Barnes and Noble to see which one I wanted to purchase for my first read of 2015. The Best Yes by Lysa Terkeurst was the winner. Something about the cover got me, and off I went with my new book in hand. 

I am just about finished with this eye opening book. It teaches us how to say no when our life is already full of obligations. It teaches us to give our Best Yes to the person or situation that needs us most, without expecting anything in return. Two chapters that really stood out for me:

"But what if I say no and they stop liking me?"

"A Best Yes is seen by those who choose to see"

I know I have had issues with these situations, just as most women have. I want to please, and I want everyone to like me. But you cannot please everyone, and not everyone is not going to like you. You have to accept that. 

After reading till almost the end of this book, and realizing that I have to give my Best Yes when I already have a full schedule of teaching, tutoring and soon to be taking  on another job of providing early intervention therapy, my plate is full! I get a text...

"Would you be interested in being one of our volunteers for Whipping Childhood Cancer?". Before I give you details of this, I want to backtrack and explain what this organization is. 
My friend began this organization with another mom who has a child with cancer. This was formed to help spread the word about pediatric cancers and raise awareness of the reality these children and families face daily. My friend Candice has a child who is battling leukemia. 

Now, I am reading about the Best Yes right when I received this text. The book talks about God putting things right in front of you when a Best Yes answer is needed. I believe this was one of those moments. A few of my favorite reminders from this book are:

Today's decisions will become tomorrow's circumstances

Saying no isn't an unnecessary rejection. It's a necessary protection of our Best Yes answers

The decisions you make determine the schedule you keep. The schedule you keep determines the life you live. And how you live your life determines how you spend your soul. 

And I replied to my friend...Yes! 

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