Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Nashville Summer

Last week I got back from Nashville, TN visiting my Dad, Melissa, Michael and Cathryn. It's always nice when summer arrives because I know that's my time to head to Music City to see my family. My dad lives in a town called Smyrna, it is right outside of Nashville- a very quiet town with not much to do! Each day that I was there I ventured off by myself to find where people shop around that town! You have to drive a bit to get anywhere, I spent a lot of time in Murfreesboro since they have some shops I like and it doesn't take too long to get there.
My friend Amy came down from Louisville to stay with me for a night, and we went to dinner and then  woke up early the next morning for a shopping day at Opry Mills, which is right next to the Grand Ole Opry. I would love to see a show there one day! I found some great things in Nashville and people are so kind there. Unlike Orlando where most people are rude and inconsiderate. Nashville is like a whole other world of people!

My time there with family is always short, we spent time going to the pool (it was over 100 degrees the whole time I was there), out to lunch, and just spending time together at home. My brother and sister are obsessed with video games, so I wasn't able to entertain them with things I think are fun :) I guess I have to save those things for my nannying days. My sister grows so much every year that I see her, this summer I really noticed how old she was getting, she is six now and not so little anymore! My brother Michael is just TALL and it's scary- he's about 6'2 and is only 12 years old. But I see so much of myself in Michael, our personalities are a lot alike, especially when I was his age.

I would love for them to come to Orlando so I could show them around this fun city!
Taking them to all the theme parks would be so fun for us! Love those kiddos-

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