Thursday, May 26, 2011

Eating Around the World!

So my friend Amy and I have been on a quest to "Eat around the world"...Epcot style! We started this ongoing adventure each time she visits Florida, which is quite often.
Our first stop was San Angel Inn, in lovely Mexico! We had enchiladas, and some yummy chips and salsa. Our second trip was to Rose and Crown in England for fish and chips. We stayed clear of the "mushy peas" that were offered as an appetizer, no thank you.

Last night, we made it to Japan! Teppan Edo is pretty hard to get into within a normal time slot, so when I saw they had an opening, I was excited. This hibachi style restaurant is similar to Kobe's without 5 lbs of food being put on your plate, and I always love getting their edamame for an appetizer :)
Who knows where we will end up next. I hear France calling...

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