Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Not Your Average Boring Fish

So each time I make this scrumptious dinner, I get requests on how I make it. So here it is! My favorite Tequila Lime Tilapia...

I shop at Whole Foods for all my seafood and meat. So while browsing the fish counter one day, I see this array of spices by Bill Barron's All Natural. The guy behind the counter was telling me how awesome the Tequila Lime one was, so after putting a few in my cart, I added this one too. Well he was right on! This stuff is YUM! Especially on fish and chicken.

I like to buy fish fresh, not frozen, and then I come home and freeze it myself until I need it, which is usually only a couple of days. This is All Natural Tilapia from Whole Foods fish counter.

Before putting your fish in the skillet, use olive oil for non sticking. I use both of these

Evenly sprinkle the Tequila Lime seasoning all over the fish, on both sides. Set the skillet to medium high and as soon as its hot, put in the fish. Turn the temp down to medium and cook 3 minutes on each side

and Viola! It's done! I like to have yellow rice with this but your side items are up to you :) Happy Eating...

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