Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Adventures of Summer!

I am so glad summer has arrived. I am definitely in need of a break, even though I'm not really getting a break from anything but my actual workplace for 2 months! I am still babysitting everyday and I am on the go almost 24/7. Now begins a summer adventure of being on the go! Yesterday the kids and I tackled the Florida heat and headed to Downtown Disney to have lunch at TREX. This restaurant has the same owners as Rainforest Cafe, so they are very similar. TREX is just filled with dinosaurs and they have much better food! We dug for fossils, found a great crystal making science experiment, and the kids snacked on dino chicken nuggets :) It was a fun filled day.
I sit here now in a hotel at Disney chatting with a 5 year old about her day at disney while her brother ignores us as he plays his DS. She is in awe of the glitter all over my eyebrows and my unattractive purple painted fingernails. I guess the makeover I had earlier in the day was a hit!

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