Monday, June 20, 2011

Sugar is Sweet

This past week I babysat ALOT. So when Friday came around, we wanted to do something fun while the boys were off at baseball. We found this candy making kit in one of the bedrooms while we were on a quest to cure the boredom. I never knew how fun it would be! We started by asking everyone in the house what kind of candy they wanted from our "Candy Factory". We got all of our ingredients together while I boiled the corn syrup and water to make lollipops, melted the gelatin powder for gummy bears and mixed together some sour powder candy!

Corn syrup and water is all it takes to make lollipops, the key is getting it to the right temperature to mold into the right form. This process took the longest.

All of the ingredients were ready and in the cups! Watermelon, Grape and Raspberry flavoring, Citric Acid, Gelatin, and Sugar.

Prepping the lollipop ingredients was tricky because of the thick and gooey corn syrup. We had a sticky mess! The end result was definitely impressive. I had never made lollipops before from scratch and it sure is a lot fun! Let's just say they didn't last too ate them all :)

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