Friday, June 22, 2012

Get Healthy!

     I am sure if you are reading this post, you are aware that someone in my circle of friends is doing the Body by Vi Challenge. If you haven't heard of this challenge before- let me tell you a little bit about what I am doing.
     First off, let's get this straight- I. AM. NOT. A. DIETER. It's that simple. I have never really dieted before on a strict "diet plan". So, when a friend of mine talked to me about Body by Vi, I was pretty skeptical. The plan says to drink these "shakes" everyday as a meal replacement for breakfast and lunch, or you can just replace one meal. You can also eat a regular dinner (healthy balanced meal) and have fruit and healthy snacks during the day.
This silly thing doesn't work. So I thought...
    After going to my friends challenge party, I still wasn't sure. But overnight I decided I would give this whole thing a try. I ordered my "Shape Kit" which is a 30 day supply of the shake mix, and I decided to replace lunch with this shake. I have been on this since Monday June 18th and have lost  4lbs as of this morning. The plan is not difficult at all, and your body gets used to the routine of the shakes. Let me also tell you that this is not a diet shake, it's simply a nutritional shake that even children can drink. You can mix all kinds of fruit in it and get lots of recipe's online for the program.
Here is a little glimpse of what I have on a daily basis:

Breakfast- Whole wheat english muffin with egg & coffee

Lunch- Vi-Shake. I make them thick, more like a smoothie texture.
I have made the following with the shake mix:
*Orange juice/ice (Tastes like creamsicle!)
*Strawberry/mango/banana/ice/organic lowfat milk
*Sweet cherries/dark chocolate almond milk/ice

Dinner- I have a protein, vegetable and carb. And make sure my portions are correct of course :)
Snacks- Fruit, lowfat string cheese, yogurt, pretzels

I'm excited to keep going on this plan and to see what kind of results I have. I actually enjoy this challenge because it does require you to make healthy choices. So with the balance of Body by Vi, organic eating, smart restaurant changes, and my new treadmill- I will be back to my gymnast shape in no time! hehe

If you want to try out this challenge with me, write a comment below or check out my link below and I will be glad to help you out on your journey- We are all in this together!

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