Sunday, April 29, 2012

Friends, Birthday's and Boutique's!

I love shopping for gifts, especially for friends who have the same taste in things as I do! Tomorrow is one of my friends birthday so I went to my favorite Orlando boutique, The Pink Chalet to get something for her- I knew I could find something perfect for her there. While browsing at everything possible I came across this really pretty cross bracelet. She loves jewelry so I knew this was the perfect gift! Ps- I got one for myself too :)

While at the register I saw these cute little cards- you can't tell by the picture but the applique is 3D and very cute! I then found out that one of the girls who works in the store makes them, I have known her for years- she is the cousin of one of my childhood friends. Funny how small the world is sometimes! I will definitely have to support her with these great handmade mini-cards


All gift wrapped and ready for delivery! Oh, and the nail file attached to the gift reads: "Everyone Seems Normal Until You Get To Know Them". Isn't that the truth :)

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