Sunday, December 11, 2011

Pilates is the New Gymnastics

I am so excited to be starting Pilates! One of the moms I babysit for has been going to Pilates for years and has been trying to get me involved. I have seen Pilates done before back in my gymnastics days, and know I will be able to do a lot of the skills, but I was still not so sure. I have been out of gymnastics for years and my flexibility is far from what it used to be!
I have been putting it off for awhile now because not only will I have to find time for it in my already packed schedule, but I do not like trying new things alone. So what a perfect opportunity it was for me to go to their Christmas party and get a great look into what it is all about! While having a glass of wine, nibbling on tasty hor'dourves, watching demos, and mingling amongst the instructors and clients, I felt a lot more comfortable after seeing Pilates in action.
After the night was winding down, I signed up for my first private lesson! I can't wait...and I know I will now become addicted to this world known as Pilates!

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