Monday, July 26, 2010

I Feel Change Coming

I like change, but only on my terms. It seems that this year is all about change. I moved out of home this past March, and now I'm very close to getting a "real" job, finally! I have always wanted to work for The First Academy, but never thought I would get in. Getting an interview there is practically impossible. God definitely has opened some doors for me and I was contacted by one of the principals at TFA. I go for my 2nd and last interview this week, and if I do get this position, I will be making a VERY quick change from working at Delaney, to being an employee TFA by next week! This makes me nervous because first of all, I need a whole new wardrobe for this school, and second, I will miss my Delaney family so very much. But, all I can think about now is the chore it will be to pack my classroom up...tears will definitely be rolling down my cheeks. It's a bittersweet time...

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