Monday, July 12, 2010

Goodbye White Walls

I have lived here at this apartment for 4 1/2 months and have realized that I cannot stand looking at white walls. It makes it feel so "blah", a splash of color in the living room, dining room and my bedroom will be just the right touch! So I have decided to paint my apartment next month..the color I chose for the living room is "Wild Wheat"..sort of a deep mustard color. The dining room will be "Deep Bloom", a red rosey color which matches perfectly with my favorite chair and ottoman. My bedroom will be painted "Spring Morn", a pretty pale white green to go with the shabby chic decor. I can say I'm not looking forward to the mess that's involved with painting..I'm the type of person who wants something done yesterday without the work! If you have ever been to my old house, you know that my painting skills are not going to win an interior design award...I had a white "border" as I called it, surrounding the top of my bedroom walls simply because I couldn't reach up there to finish. That will NOT happen this time around!

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