Monday, January 14, 2013

An Unexpected Email

From: Avenues World School
To: Mallory Creekmore

     We are anticipating a total enrollment of 1,100 students for the upcoming school year. We are asking for you to resubmit your papers, and update your resume as necessary. From this end we shall do our best to keep you posted on our progress. We ask for your patience and understanding.

With best wishes for the New Year,

The Avenues Leadership Team

      I re-read this letter a few times before it actually sank in. I didn’t share the entire email as it was quite long but you get the gist.
     I applied to The Avenues School almost a year ago, just to see if I had a shot. This school is one of the most prestigious private schools in New York City and I wanted to see, just see, if I was good enough for such a place. Working there amongst the elite would be a dream come true.
I never heard from them of course, I didn’t expect to, and I had even forgotten about sending in my resume and credentials until last night. I opened my email and there it was- an email from Avenues nine months later.

Let me first say- I am NOT an adventurous person. At all. I am much more comfortable in my comfort zone of Orlando with my family and friends. If I had an opportunity to teach in another state, especially at Avenues, how on earth could I talk myself into the idea? Especially in New York City. It’s like a whole other world there. I am not keen on the idea of relying on public transportation, subways freak me out as it is as a tourist- let alone if I had to do it daily! I cannot just get in my car and go to Target. There is no Target in the city (that I know of). Everything is a production there and getting anywhere is a task. I would be in an apartment and I am not living in a shoebox. After receiving the email, and for the fun of it, I searched for NYC apartments in Chelsea that are close to the school. So there I was searching for apartments on the Highline! For a place that is safe and somewhere I would comfortably live would cost me around 4,000 a month for just rent.

 I know there are people reading this that would think I am the craziest girl in the world for not jumping for an opportunity like this. But what would I do up there while I wasn’t working? I wouldn’t know anybody, and sitting in my extra small apartment by myself doesn’t sound very exciting. Sigh…God sure is mysterious. I am not quite sure what He is trying to do here. Who knows what the future holds for me and my career. But as I reflect on my Word of the Year, I must Trust his plan. He will guide my way.



  1. There are 1100 little hearts God has given you to love up in New York City! He knows all of the kids who are there, and chose YOU to be part of their learning, their development and to be someone who shows a reflection of Christ in their lives. The unknown in scary, but what IS known is that God has a plan, and as you sit in your little apartment, miles from a Target, after your first Subway ride, He'll be right there with you, and there's nothing more comforting that that :)

    1. Aw thank YOU Diana! That was such a nice little note- I will definitely be re-reading this over and over :) The unknown for me is a scary thing, but if this is something that will better me and my career, I need to go ahead and send my things to them and see what happens :)

  2. If I could "like" Diana's comment above...I would. Could not have said it better.

  3. Thank you Kelly! And thank you for following my blog ;)