Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Starch and Sugar Free What?!

About 2 months ago I had a whole set of bloodwork done, just for wellness purposes. It came back great other than above average triglyceride levels. So my doctor very casually said that "without starch and processed sugars, it will be back to normal in no time". Excuse me? You mean I cannot eat potatoes, or bread, rice, or PASTA?! No pasta?? No SWEET TEA?!! I live off of sweet tea! I sat there thinking what I could possibly eat! I loooove pasta and rice and eat it too much. No wonder my starch level is high :) I always try to eat healthy and eat a lot of organic foods, but just because it's organic doesn't mean it's healthy for you. I take a food based multi vitamin every day, along with Vitamin D supplements.
Soooo with this new eating style in place, my daily menu looks like the following:

Breakfast- organic egg whites and coffee with only half&half. I tried substituting sugar with Stevia, but yuck! So I am going sugarless. On weekends, I will add turkey bacon to the mix

Morning Snack- organic fat free yogurt (I love Stoneyfield Farms) and string cheese and a banana or some other type of fruit. But I like bananas in the morning.

Lunch- spinach salad with turkey slices. I add green peppers, mushrooms, sunflower seeds, carrots, onions, etc. depending on what I want on that day. With the salad I will have fruit.

Mid-day Snack will consist of fruit, cottage cheese or a Starbucks skinny drink :)

Dinner- Fresh fish, chicken, etc. Sides will be an assortment of vegetables. I also love chili and cauliflower soup!

I know with this new eating lifestyle, I cannot have candy or sweets in which I love..and no more ice cream. But I will be just fine...because I know I will be healthy and see a whole new me!

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