Monday, October 24, 2011

A New Beginning...

It's almost time for the big move! I am so excited to have my own house, well I don't actually own it, but It's mine for the time-being!
Having all this extra room is great, and I am looking forward to making the little house in the backyard into a gym for me and my friends to work out for FREE! How cool is that?! I also have an extra bedroom for all of my scrapbooking stuff, and also a place for friends & family to stay over.
The kitchen is now over there and finished up, I planned on packing my clothes and bringing them over yesterday, but with this sickness that popped up out of no where, it didn't happen. So I guess it will all have to get done Friday. Saturday, everyone is coming over to help with the big furniture (the hard part) and then I am in for good! I will be so close to downtown, and so much closer to everything else that I do, including work. What a relief!
This weekend is going to be crazy. I am taking Friday off of work so I can get a head start with the moving, Saturday is the rest of it, Sunday is the CKF kids party all day and then another event that night, phew! I think I am ready for this...

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