Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I Didn't

During Christmas break....

I didn't wake up before 8:30.

I didn't change out of my pajamas until at least 11.

I didn't make "real" christmas cookies with cookie cutters and pretty icing. Just Pillsbury pre-sliced reindeer ones, and they were just fine.

I didn't take enough pictures.

I didn't go to Grinchmas at Universal, and really wanted to

I didn't have to deal with morning traffic.

I didn't take my eyes off the Magic game on Christmas day.

I didn't wrap my presents until the last minute, and my back was hurting. I won't do that next year.

I didn't take enough hashbrown casserole to the Christmas Eve gathering.

I didn't want to take down my decorations, It still makes me sad that they are now packed away for another year.

1 comment:

  1. Yeah I'm not taking down my Christmas decorations until New Year's. I worked way too hard putting them up! However, I would like to put them up earlier next year so that I can enjoy them longer. Maybe that will be yet another resolution!