Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Summer Memories

SUMMER IS HERE! I cannot believe the school year is over and I am into my first week of summer break. Well, a break from classroom teaching that is! I still have a full time schedule with tutoring and behavior therapy clients, with a few hours here and there to see friends and relax!

Usually each summer I am nannying, and taking a few vacations. This year is a little different- no nannying and no trips! I just don't have the extra time this year because I have to work with my clients full time. I am used to getting paid through the summer from my teaching job, but the school I currently work at does not offer this unfortunately.
Because I am staying in Orlando this summer, I want to reminisce on past summer fun!

Summer 2011 I spent most of my time in this golf cart with an 8 year old boy driving me and his sister around the neighborhood. SCARY! We were either eating lunch at the clubhouse or swimming in the pool.

I also taught Vacation Bible School at Delaney Street Baptist Church that summer! it was fun to see some of my former students and their parents!

Summer 2010 was also my first trip to New York City! I was SOOOOO excited! My friend Anna lived in Jersey City and I went to visit her. We had such a great time and even stopped at Carlo's Bake Shop for some treats!


I got to fly to Nashville right after my New York trip to visit my dad and my little brother and sister. We took a road trip to Atlanta to visit my aunt and uncle that year. Here is Michael and Cathryn in the pool at our Aunt's and Uncle's house in Atlanta.

 Summer 2012 I nannied for the Graham Family. Here is Ashley doing my nails for yet another NYC trip I was blessed to take last year!

Don't they look beautiful?? ;)

My aunt took me to NYC for a girls weekend last July. We had THE BEST TIME EVER! We stayed at the iconic Plaza Hotel and it was so beautiful. We saw Wicked on Broadway, ate at every restaurant possible, had high tea, and shopped till we dropped!

The Bathroom in our hotel room was spectacular. With real gold covering the walls, how can you not feel like you are in a fairytale?

                                                                  Happy Summer!

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