Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Deja Vu'

It feels like deja vu'. One year ago this month I had boxes and a disarray of STUFF everywhere in my apartment. I was moving, and was so excited to move to a house..it was bigger, had a yard, and everything else I missed about being in an actual house.
Today I sit here, and look around my house and I see boxes, and disarray. I am moving AGAIN! After being here a year, I have realized that this is not where I feel at home. Next month, I will be heading to NorthLake Park at Lake Nona to a townhouse. I am so excited to have this place, I love love love it so much! It all worked out perfectly. God definitely had a plan in mind, and I know this is right where I need to be. I have friends right next door, a brand new Menchie's is right around the corner- and Panera is building a drive through store right next to my neighborhood. What more do I need? :)
Of course our moving day is the day that the community will be having it's annual Fall Festival...hopefully I can get enough done to where I can go enjoy my new neighborhood!

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