Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I Love Organics!

I'm all about organics these days, and have really decided that I need to stay on the bandwagon this time around. I fell off for awhile not because I wanted to, but because it is so expensive! I am slowly stocking back up on my organic food, body care and household items. I think it is so important to take care of your body and what you are putting in it, on it, and also what you are inhaling in your home on a daily basis.I am going to start sharing a lot of my favorite natural and organic products here on my blog so if you are also interested in organic living, you can get some product info right here! I'll start today by sharing one product I have never strayed from, and that's organic milk! I usually try to buy whats on sale (if it ever is) and those two brands are either Horizon Organic or Organic Valley and they cost around $4.20 for a half gallon of 0% fat fat free milk.
And here is one of my all time favorites! Organic Valley Reduced Fat Chocolate Milk! This stuff is better than a milkshake! Yumm- It's so addicting and I try not to buy it too often :)

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